Kristina Savoy

Associate Director, Learning & Development @ DCHR

Kristina Savoy is an organizational development professional with more than 13 years of experience in organizational training and design, strategic development, executive coaching and program management. With a specific passion to motivate and inspire individuals across all levels to incorporate transformational leadership strategies within the changing organizational landscape, she seeks to re-energize learning and development in a unique way. Throughout her Washington, D.C., career, Savoy has led the development of various initiatives using both mentoring and coaching at the helm of organizational growth. She has aided agency leadership, stakeholders and employees in rethinking the current transactional state of business while shifting the focus toward a more transformational customer service approach. Savoy is prepared to serve in various leadership capacities as she has earned a masters degree in education and human development from George Washington University and a bachelors in English from Spelman College. To that end, she has also completed her doctoral coursework in United States History at Howard University. She is eager to serve the District and DCHR in her capacity as associate director for the Center for Learning and Development. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and completing community service projects.